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(full)Name: Kasey (The Cat)

Name Def: Kasey (One of the only good girls left in the world)

Nick names: Kaz, Thora
Gender: female

Zodiac: leo

Sexual orientation: heterosexual

Nationality: American,Irish,British,cursed

Languages: English,Thai,cat

Relationship status: single

Occupation: slave to the ring master

Height: 5.2-5.3

Other: She is a cursed thora, and captured by the ring master

Personality: she is very nice and sensitive, but moody and sinister like a yin yang situation.she doesn't talk much cause she like to be by her self, at first she seems like a tough brick, but once you get to know her better, she is actually kinda funny and nice. but don't get on her bad side.

trypanphobia (fear of needles) Pseudodysphagia (fear of choking) Acrophobia (fear of heights) 

Likes: cat toys, fish, masks,yarns

Dislikes: dogs, water

History: she is thora, but in her cursed for, this happen one night when she went to a circus, and at the end of the circus she saw a bunch of masks out of place and she decided to follow them,then when she saw a mask that fell from the dark, the cat mask, she decided to put it on, then she painfully turned into a cat, then she was found by the ring master, and was turned into a slave, she got som much fame she was name kasey, till one night she was broke free, and found some thing to get her to be her true form, and she got a mask so she can turn into a cat again anytime, anywhere.

theme song: 

Hollywood Undead - "Lion" (Official Lyric Video)  (…)

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